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Protecting the youngest members of our flock against bullying

The following is a wonderful and provocative blog regarding bullying from Wendy Thomas. She has graciously given me permission to post.

Lesson 469 – Protecting the youngest members of our flock against bullying

12 Jan 2012

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There are those who might take offense to the following post. Not going to apologize for anything.

In our town we had a recent tragedy in which a young life was lost. Due to the child’s age, details have not been released but there are rumors that bullying may have played a part.

I’m tired of some of these passive anti-bullying campaigns that sound good (Why don’t we all just try and get along?) but which are proving to be completely ineffective. Like the dads in the 1950′s who brought boxing gloves home for their sons in order to teach them how to punch the bully, I’ve decided to teach my youngest kids how to fight back.

I am one angry mom.

Last night I sat down with my two young daughters – baby chicks that they are – (ages 13 and 12 – my sons are older and have the tools and experience to not need this lesson) and we had ourselves a talk.

“Remember when you were little and we taught you that if a strange man grabbed you, you were supposed to yell at the top of your lungs “HE’S NOT MY DADDY!!!”?, I started our conversation.

Both of them remembered the lessons, they even remembered that we role-played different scenarios to make sure they felt comfortable saying something like that out loud. We did it to protect our kids. We did it because no one, no where had the right to hurt my children and it was one of the tools we wanted to teach our kids so that they could protect themselves.

“Well, no one has the right to say or do anything that makes you or anyone else feel bad,” I continued. “In the future, if someone says something to you in order to bully you, or if you hear someone say something to someone else specifically to make them feel bad, I want you to let that bully know that his behavior makes you angry. Very angry. I want you to look that person right in the eye and at the top of your lungs I want you to shout –


A few things will happen as a result:

Bullies are a bit on the dumb side, they are not going to know what a miscreant is. When they get that confused look in their face, wipe your hands of them, and walk away. You’ve just won, you’re way smarter than they are.

Also, if you yell this at the top of your lungs, there is not a teacher or adult within 100 feet who is not going to notice and come over to see what is going on. Forget waiting until recess is over to tell a teacher that someone has bullied you, you go ahead and get their attention exactly when it happens. Trust me, this little gem of a phrase is going to get an adult to notice.

We talked about what bullying is and what bullying isn’t. My daughters who know that I don’t believe in any sort of censorship but who also know a “bad word” when they hear one both looked at me with big eyes. “Do you really want us to say that?” They asked.

Sure do, and as loudly and with all the anger you can muster.

Then we role-played a few instances where it would be appropriate to say such a thing.

“Addy, you’re a jerk, you’re fat, and ugly, and you shouldn’t be at this dance.”


And then Addy walked away.

“Emma, why do you hang around Billy? He’s nothing but a little fag and a queer.”


And then Emma walked away with imaginary Billy (she even held his imaginary hand.)

“Mom,” said Emma, my youngest, a look of worry on her face, “if I say that word at school, I’ll be sent to the principal’s office.”

“That’s okay,” was my response, “you know my cell phone number, you just give it to the principal and let her know that I would be more than happy to talk with her about this. Grownups think kids shouldn’t say words like this. Your mom thinks that kids shouldn’t bully you and if they do that gives you the right to fight back and even say the ““F” word.”. In this instance, your mom trumps other grownups.”

Because no one, no where has the right to bully and hurt my children or anyone elses’ kids and this is one of the tools I want my kids to know so that they can continue to protect themselves against others outside of our flock who might want to cause them harm.

This is what needs to be protected.

Wendy Thomas has kindly allowed me to post this important blog entry on bullying. To read more posts by Wendy Thomas refer to

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THE HEARTSHAPING MOM How to Open, Fill, and Hold Your Child’s Heart

Sally Clarkson (CO/CA/TX)

Your greatest desire as a mother is to win the heart of your child. Sally Clarkson ( shares your passion and can help. By God’s design, your child’s heart is already turned to you, just as you are already designed by God to be a heartshaper. Sally will share her secrets, learned over 27 years of motherhood with four children, how to open and fill your child’s heart with grace and truth, and to hold it with love. This is life-learned, heartfelt biblical insight that will change you, and your children. Join Sally and her special guests Deb Weakly (Mom Heart Leader Team, CO/CA/TX), Courtney Joseph (, TX), Angela Perritt (, CA/TX), and Ruth Schwenk (, CO). It will be a weekend of fellowship, inspiration, and worship you won’t want to miss. We hope you can join us!

Deb Weakly (CO/CA/TX) Mom Heart Leader Team

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No Need For Goodie Bags

I conduct Noah’s Ark Animal Workshops for children’s birthday parties and one thing that I hear from parents is that they love that there isn’t a need for goodie bags.

Each guest selects and stuffs their own animal (bear, dinosaur, horse, puppy, etc) and takes it home in a quality take-home reusable gift bag. They will also receive stickers, coloring pages, and a birth certificate along with their new friend and any outfit that is chosen.

With all of this, there is no need for any additional goodie bag. It seems that parents really like this aspect of Noah’s Ark Animal Workshops: a quality gift for the guests to take home that the children created themselves.
If you are interested in a Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop for your next corporate event or birthday give me a call (917) 301-6573 or email me at
Elizabeth Tritsch
Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop
“The stuff a friend store that comes to your door” Parties, Schools, Corporate Events, & More
(917) 301-6573
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Our Yearly Christmas Radio City Rockettes Tradition

Averie and I continued our yearly tradition of attending the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the NYC Rockettes yesterday. We had really good seats this year and loved the show. Averie noticed that it was different this year and asked where the two little boys were from last year’s performance. I told her that every year Radio City makes a few changes to spice it up and encourage people to see it each and every year.

This year, I felt that it fell a little flat and we were both bored when the mother sang. I would have preferred to hear her sing something that had energy and was more pop rather than a slow solo. Actually, we both would have preferred that the little girl sang or at the least both the mother and daughter together. I felt that at that point the Christmas Spectacular jumped the shark. After the solo, we lost the excitement of the Rockettes especially, when they tried to appeal to video gamers. The mother and daughter were supposed to bond while playing a video game together but, Averie and I quickly grew bored with the 3-D video games.

The Rockettes were wonderful and we were glad to see the bus sequence with the dancers riding the double-decker tourist bus down 5th Avenue and through Central Park. The ice skaters performed again and I loved the Nutcracker routine. The ever-increasing numbers of dancing Santas are always a joy to watch.

After the show we went to a tiny cafe and had croissants, juice, and coffee. We strolled up 5th Avenue to FAO Schwartz where Averie guided me to her favorite section: the baby dolls. I let her sing and hold two dolls while rocking them to sleep with lullabys and Justin Bieber (Baby, Baby, Baby) songs. Next, she wanted to dance on the “giant xylophone”. I explained that it was supposed to be a giant piano and she led the way. After having her picture taken, she shed her shoes, and began jumping up and down on the giant piano. She discovered that she could make some cool sounds if she slid down at the end so, she slid like a NY Yankee into home base.

We visited Eloise at The Plaza and spent about a half hour jumping and piling up the pink bean bag chairs before venturing to the tables and chair area that had all different cakes and pastries. Averie took my order and brought me some cupcakes and cookies. After spending another hour at Eloise’s we decided to head home.

We walked along Central Park South oohing and aahing at all of the grand hotel lobbies. We hopped on the subway and headed uptown. We discussed our favorite parts of the day and laughed all of the way home. All in all, The Rockettes Radio City Christmas Spectacular was enjoyable and is a wonderful tradition that I love to share with my daughter.

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Harlem, The Best Halloween Hood In NYC

Celebrating Halloween in Harlem is as good as it gets for New York children. I can’t imagine celebrating any place better in NYC and I have. I have lived all over the city from the UES to the UWS from East Village to midtown and I have even ventured across the bridge to try hip Williamsburg, Brooklyn and quaint Kew Gardens in Queens but, nothing even compares to Harlem. Halloween in Harlem really confirms what I have known for the past nine years and that is that Harlem rules.

My daughter, Averie, and I dressed up for trick-or-treating. She went as a princess, of course, and I went as a little girl with my hair up in two ponytails. We had a map, courtesy of our wonderful and very involved local parent groups, of all of the apartments and townhouses that were going to be dishing out the candy. Our mission was to start downtown at W 141st St after a Halloween party at the Harlem School of the Arts (HSA) and work our way uptown to our home. The party was a lot of fun with children singing and making some arts and crafts. Averie had created an adorable trick-or-treat bag that quickly broke after amassing an undetermined amount of candy at the first two brownstones after the party.

The trick-or-treating was on. Both parents and children dressed up and everyone really got into the Halloween spirit by decorating their brownstone townhomes and apartment buildings with creepy cobwebs, headless people, ghosts, and other things that go bump in the night. Small infants were decorated as strawberries and carrots and even a pug dog was dressed up as a pig. The costumes were creative and dramatic. Averie and I never once tired of the evening festivities and trick-or-treated at about 40 homes. After carrying around an overstuffed trick-or-treat bag we decided to call it a night.

Thank you Harlem for making this year’s Halloween the best trick-or-treating hood for children in all of NYC.

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Harlem Family Halloween Party

My daughter, Averie, and I dressed up as a princess and a little girl, respectively, and headed to Harlem’s Annual Family Halloween Party being held at Covo. We were running late which is not hard to do when you’re a mom whose primary focus is getting your child dressed in something warm and forgetting all about how you need to take a shower and get dressed, too. We got there about 40 minutes late since I wasn’t sure exactly what Covo looked like and the driver had never heard of the place. We rushed upstairs and quickly spotted Averie’s best friend, Makayla, who was delightfully dressed as Averie’s favorite character of all, Strawberry Shortcake. From the hat and freckles, to the green and white stripe tights, Makayla was the epitome of Miss Shortcake.

We grabbed a bite to eat and discovered another of Averie’s friends, Milo, and his dad. The parents and I caught up when all of a sudden the room grew quiet. Oohs and aahs were heard as we soon discovered that we were safely ensconced inside while a snowy blizzard decided to descend upon Manhattan. Every nose of every child was pressed against the large window panes throughout the upstairs restaurant. White snow billowed around trees and cars. It was the most beautiful sight for a Halloween party in Upper Manhattan.

But, the party must continue and the children were ushered up to the front to begin a puppet show. I grabbed a seat at the bar and ordered an eggs benedict famished after forgetting to eat (a likely occurrence of trying to be an attentive mom). After eating a fabulous breakfast and with the puppet show over, Averie and I decided to return home. Thankfully, Makayla’s mom drove so, Averie, Makayla and her mom, Milo and his dad, and I  piled into the car and headed safely back home. Everyone agreed that this was the best Halloween party and how wonderful and fortunate it is to be a family living here in Harlem.

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